An original poem entitled “earth fire flower”

pansies and phlox
trillium and columbine
every flower I knew
bloomed this Spring
goddesses rising out of the ground
even the crabgrass made a milky way
of blue stars along the creek

a yellow fire of forsythia
is no less a burning bush
a sun
a word from God

how to count them, register their effect
I give up trying to capture that sea
with my little cup

what might flower in us
so powerful and so delicate
that can at once reveal a celestial birth
and call us back to earth into this moment


nameless flowering weeds
paint the pasture next door
a blue haze hovering above the grass.
did they question their lot
or dream of some better place

now I know it’s not my life
to pick apart with choices.
let my blooming be a surrender to this call
take the shape and color cast in me

though voices tug like children at my shirt-tail
the silent bell has no question
rings the one sound seeded long before
inside the soul

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