A Regular Yoga Practice Reveals our Nature


The practice of Yoga is not intended to create or achieve something.  Instead, it is a way of revealing the deeper aspect of our nature that usually remains hidden behind the never ending movements of thought, the way the sun can be hidden behind a blanket of clouds.  Thus, our normal way of pursuing goals with a forceful and driven mentality is not useful when practicing Yoga. 

We must learn to adjust our practice to the capacity of our bodies and minds, to balance our efforts with ease, to develop our will power in small increments.  By learning to accept where we are now, we are able to decide what the next step toward healthy growth will be.   For example, someone learning to fast as a spiritual practice may start by skipping the evening meal instead of 3 days on tea.

When we repeat such a practice and experience moments free of habitual thought patterns, we begin to see ourselves and our relationship to the world in a fresh way.  We begin to feel our connection to each other and all of nature.  Over time, a regular practice of this kind will gradually restructure even the subconscious mind so that we are no longer compelled by old beliefs and fears, and approach life with a sense of deep belonging, inner contentment and wonder.


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