Cultivating Contentment

Gratefulness is an effective way of cultivating contentment. By focusing on our blessings, we keep our lives in perspective and can more easily be at peace with the way things are at this moment.

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Stop and Be Still

The mind is always so intent on doings things that it doesn’t know how to stop and be still.  I enjoy reminding myself at least a few times a day that I can simply stop trying to do anything and rest in the present moment.

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Choose Gratitude

There is always a choice to either focus on what is lacking or to carry gratitude in our hearts for all the ways we are blessed.

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Inner Contentment

If we are in touch with an inner sense of contentment, our relationship to anything that we might acquire or achieve is dramatically different.  We can still enjoy things that we accomplish or experience, but our happiness is not contingent on those things.  We can still enjoy eating something or winning a game, and pursuing a career or a relationship, but we can also enjoy the process since we are not relying on the outcome.

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