“The keynote of Yoga is dedication. It is the master key to all joy and peace. This is the basic teaching of Yoga and all religions: give, give, give. Let every minute of your life be useful to humanity. Bring peace and joy to everybody and no harm to anybody. This is the only way to true happiness; there are no shortcuts.”
-Sri Swami Satchidananda

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Aparigraha Sutra

“Aparigraha literally means “non-hoarding”. It means don’t take more than you need in any area of life. Mahatma Gandhiji said it beautifully: “There is more than enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for any man’s greed.” It means, live simply. use only that which you require. Purchase only that which is essential. The more we try to accumulate, the more we acquire, the more we get bogged down, and the more difficulties we face. So, travel light in life, and you will find that you progress quickly and easily. ”
Sri Swami Chidananda

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How I practice non-greed 

My practice of non-greed is more potent when I see myself as part of a whole web of life.  For example, my relationship to the things in my possession takes on new meaning when I think of the well-being of others. Do I really need this item or do others need it more?  Could I be sharing these things that have come into my hands?

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Aparigraha on a Larger Scale

It is not difficult to see that greed is rooted in a sense of incompleteness and lack, a search for security, and ultimately a failure to experience the sources of fullness and peace within.  Our world is full examples of powerful multinational corporations monopolizing natural resources to produce more and more profit, enlarging the gap between the rich and the poor.  We can also observe how the capitalistic economy we dwell in and the whole industry we call marketing is designed to convince us to feel lack and consume.

Of course there is nothing wrong with having and enjoying things.  But when we depend on acquisitions as the source of our happiness, we end up in a relentless effort to acquire that goes beyond our actual needs.  On the other hand, when we experience the joy of giving and serving others out of love, we discover a source of contentment independent of anything outside of us.

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