The Heart Will Win

The heart should play an important role, not only in married life, but in all of our relationships: with friends, relatives, business associates, and even strangers. Even if the other person uses the head, you should use more heart. Remember, ultimately the heart will win; it might take time but it will win. If you really want to use your heart, you will be guided in that direction. God’s guidance will be there. Play more and trust in that higher force.

The Golden Present, Swami Satchidananda

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Spiritual Activism

From Rev. Jivana Heyman, founder of Accessible Yoga:

That’s the beauty of Yoga. It gives us the chance to move beyond the busy mind, with all of its stress and anxiety, to connect with a deeper place of peace that is untouched by the craziness of the world. As Yoga practitioners, we know the power of these practices, and that they are truly lifesaving. Especially during these times, when news and social media are so stressful and disturbing, we all need a healthy dose of our daily yoga practice to keep ourselves from completely falling apart.

But, we don’t need to hide from reality to experience this deeper truth. In fact, once we are well connected with the peace inside, we can get involved in serving the world from a place of love and compassion. This loving service can bring about the change that we want to see. This loving service is spiritual activism, and we are seeing it revealed in the peaceful resistance that is building and growing.

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Equanimity in Ourselves

When we can keep alive even a small flame of peace and equanimity in ourselves, we will have already contributed to world peace.  Establishing peace in ourselves is the only way we can expect to have the clarity to then express it in our daily lives, in the difficult interactions we have, where peace is sorely needed.  Our ability to embody nonviolence and compassion will bring those values more powerfully into the world than any speech we can make.


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Daily Actions

Every choice we make, everything we do, can be guided by either a ‘me’-centered or ‘we’-centered mindset.  When we experience our connection to all of life, peace comes more readily to our hearts when we look out for the well-being of our community.  Our daily actions become the moment to moment expression of what we want to see manifest in our world, bringing meaning to everything we do.  

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