Contentment and Goals


It’s natural to envision goals we wish to accomplish and wiser ways to live. But it is also possible
to be content with the process instead of impatiently pushing to force changes to take place.


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Simple Aspects of Life


When we practice contentment, we begin to enjoy many of the simple aspects of life that we
normally take for granted: the smile of a baby, a walk in the park, the satisfaction of clean
laundry, the blessing of a good friend. We can also practice appreciating our own good qualities
instead of always dwelling on our shortcomings.



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Peace of Mind is Possible Now


When we compare ourselves to others or become dependent of the results of our efforts to be feel
good, we set ourselves up for disappointment. What a relief it can be to think that peace of mind
is possible now, not something we have to fight for. We simply have to accept this moment as it


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Contentment is a Choice


Contentment is ultimately a choice we can make.  There will always be problems to resolve and reasons to feel dissatisfied. Even as we take steps to make changes, the moment of respite we all long for is available to us anytime we choose to be at peace with life as it is.


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