Glimpses of Freedom


“I feel that a regular practice of meditation — dis-identifying with my habitual thought patterns — has loosened the grip of ego-centered beliefs and values, and enabled me to more easily see the how selfish thoughts trigger suffering.  I am learning not to trust those strong emotional reactions, no matter how convincing they are.  And I believe that this practice and the glimpses of freedom I experience are repopulating the subconscious mind with a new way of seeing things, new values and beliefs that emerge from experiencing a sense of connection with all of nature.”


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Being free to enjoy each moment as it is


I continue to reflect on what choosing freedom means to me.  I like the idea that I am choosing a life that supports me in becoming free of the ideas and impressions that obstruct the natural flow of compassion and joy that can easily flow through my heart.  Being free can mean being free to enjoy each moment as it is.


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Give Yourself

“With your own free will you give yourself into the hands of God. We never lose by giving ourselves into those hands. By giving ourselves completely, we gain more of God. We get all of God, if we give our all. Then there is no destiny, and there are no problems.”
-Sri Swami Satchidananda


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Cultivate internal steadiness


“By practicing Yoga, we are learning to free ourselves from the cycle of stress that many of us get caught in.  We learn how mindful stretching, relaxation, deep breathing and meditation can quickly interrupt the pattern  of stress and reactivity, and restore physical and mental balance.  These same practices done regularly, even for a short time daily, can create a deeply rooted sense of inner steadiness.

As we cultivate internal steadiness, we also develop the present moment awareness needed to make conscious choices when crisis arise, instead of reacting compulsively in ways we later regret.  Regular practice equips us with tools that help us keep our balance, reflect with clarity and think creatively.”

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