The Mind is like a Child


“The mind is like a child with tremendous energy and potential, that needs to be educated.  One of the most powerful ways to awaken it is to repeatedly expose the mind to the Light within through some form of regular practice.”


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Long Afternoon At The Edge Of Sister Pond – Poem by Mary Oliver


As for life,
I’m humbled,
I’m without words
sufficient to say

how it has been hard as flint,
and soft as a spring pond,
both of these
and over and over,

and long pale afternoons besides,
and so many mysteries
beautiful as eggs in a nest,
still unhatched

though warm and watched over
by something I have never seen –
a tree angel, perhaps,
or a ghost of holiness.

Every day I walk out into the world
to be dazzled, then to be reflective.
It suffices, it is all comfort –
along with human love,

dog love, water love, little-serpent love,
sunburst love, or love for that smallest of birds
flying among the scarlet flowers.
There is hardly time to think about

stopping, and lying down at last
to the long afterlife, to the tenderness
yet to come, when
time will brim over the singular pond, and become forever,

and we will pretend to melt away into the leaves.
As for death,
I can’t wait to be the hummingbird,
can you?

~ Mary Oliver ~

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Yoga Practice Frees us from Limiting Beliefs


The goal of Yoga is to free ourselves from the conditioning that limits our experience of the truth and the illusory notion that we can achieve happiness by controlling the world around us.  Then we can experience the deeper Spiritual Self that is already at peace.  This requires a paradigm shift – a peaceful revolution that occurs by learning how to quiet and replace the unconscious beliefs that bind us, and make conscious choices that are in harmony with our true nature.


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