Karma Yoga Day


We enjoyed an afternoon of giving and receiving recently at our Fall Karma Yoga day in early November. About 12 of our students and teachers gathered to do some deep cleaning of the Institute – getting into all those normally untouched corners and hidden spots. Then, Claudia taught a deeply restorative Yoga practice and we all melted into that still place beyond thinking.

We finished the afternoon with a wonderful meal prepared with love by Prajna and Russell, including a ginger cake with whipped topping. But what stayed with us longer than the meal was the delightful feeling we had giving ourselves fully into the present moment – doing our various tasks without depending on reward or recognition. I learned once again that no matter what I do, if I put my heart into it, it can be both fun and a source of joy.


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Serving and Loving


“Serving and loving are the ways to attain God.  What is God?  Who is that?  Peace of mind is God.  So you are ready to renounce anything and everything to retain your peace, and that is God.  You can never maintain that peace if you are running after things, if you are looking for that peace outside.  God is in you in the form of peace and joy.”

By Sri Swami Satchidananda retrieved from his book The Golden Present, October 25

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Sharing Yoga at Mission Sunday Street

We had fun sharing Yoga at Sunday Streets, the annual street fair near the Institute on Valencia.  We made new friends, practiced Yoga on the street with children and showed how easily Yoga can be done in chairs.  We enjoy demonstrating Integral Yoga to those who think you need a sleek body and special clothes to do it.  It is for everyone of every age and size.  Ultimately, Yoga is more about freeing ourselves to experience a profound inner peace than a way of shaping the body.


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Join us for our Thanksgiving Celebration!


The ​Integral Yoga ​Institute  is ​offer​ing a benefit class this Thanksgiving season to support RISE Yoga For Youth — a local nonprofit that brings yoga and mindfulness education to underprivileged youths in public schools and after-school programs across the Bay Area. Come join us in giving the gift of yoga this year!

Event details: Thursday, November 26, 9:30 – 11:00am

​ The benefit class will be followed by the Institute’s annual ​Thanksgiving program at 11am.  We’ll begin with a special puja (ritual) and meditation to give thanks for all of our blessings.  Then we will share a bounteous meal together, featuring the Institute’s popular recipes. Please bring a dish to share with no meat, fish, or eggs.

Let us know that you are coming by signing up in advance online. You can also let us know by email at kitchen@integralyogasf.org, or leave a message at 415-821-1117 ext. 2.

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