As this year ends, I am feeling especially grateful for so many blessings:
–the teachings and guiding Presence of Sri Swami Satchidananda
–the support of a spiritual community to grow and learn together
–the opportunity to be of service to others that is so healing for our hearts
–the daily miracle of this human birth and a body and mind that are a universe of unfathomable intelligence
–the sacred teachings of all the saints that are available to us
–this beautiful home entrusted to us to maintain the teachings of Yoga.

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During these holy days…

During these holy days, let us pause to acknowledge the sources of Light that have illuminated the spiritual path for us. Let us commit ourselves to making good use of the gifts we have been given, to serve those less fortunate. Let us remember the truth of our essential Divinity and honor that Presence in each other.
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